Steven during the first age of Tribus

Steven is introduced in  Escape.

Brian is one of the world’s richest men, and dedicates himself to the discovery and cultivation of mutants. The first mutant he meets is Steven, a boy who is able to merge his body with animals and take on their traits - at their meeting he has absorbed only one, a bat, and has developed large wings that grant him flight. They meet in the graveyard where Betty is buried. Brian uses his vast fortune to investigate Steven’s powers, and develops technology based upon it. The first is a Kinetic Zipper that allows Steven to retract his wings through a coat. Steven’s abilities further manifest a gland that provides him echolocation. A side-effect is that humans get goosebumps when they ‘hear’ the tone. Brian manages to record the tone in a laser that can perform holographic scans through the entire planet - uncovering vast deposits of rare minerals, prehistoric sea creatures, and a host of inexplicable energy sources. Brian’s mother, Betty, is long dead, however has bound his ghost to a machine known as ‘the core’ to allow stronger communion. Betty’s ghost has an eerie detatchment, and seemingly, a cryptic forknowledge of events. It is upon his instruction that Steven goes to Melbourne, and that Brian instigate an archeological dig in North Africa. Steven flies toward melbourne, where he encounters his second animal. A Kangaroo that has been hit by a car, wounded and near death. He absorbs it, and develops huge, strong feet and haunches, and powerful claws on his fingers. His hearing improves double again, his echolocation is accompanied by a dazzling night vision and he feels a new euphoric bond with the energy of nature. Steven meets Cassandra, a girl with the power of Muse. She falls in love with Steven, but he cannot come to terms with the nature of her power. She is a gift of pleasure to the world, where Steven’s power is rooted in a binding together of unique souls. When he leaves, Cassandra becomes the centre of a telepathic community, whose power steadily grows. Cassandra’s regular use of her powers transform her physical structure into a material impervious to the laws of time and matter. It is apparent for the time, that she is henceforth impervious to harm entirely. She does not age, and has a unique factor to her appearance. All who see her, envision their own definition of the most beautiful woman they can imagine, and so her only true desire is to have her own face. Her nature is to give to the rest of the world, and she can have anything she wants. Anything but her own face. This is where her love for Steven is rooted. His powers are in communion of unique souls. Although Cassandra’s soul is perhaps more unique than anybody’s, the nature of her power is too far left of Steven’s core beliefs, and so he won’t commit to her. He is the only person who sees Cassandra’s true face. Cassandra asks him what he sees when he looks at her. Because of his connection with ‘Soul’ energy, he sees through Cassandra’s ‘matter-field’ and into her natural form. Everyone else on Earth sees her as the most desirable woman possible, and fall into a trance. Steven sees a woman just as any other.

The dig site in Tunisia reveals the skeleton of a ‘giant’ man locked in battle with a dinosaur. The remains are preserved impeccably and Brian decides to keep them a secret, buying out as much of the land surrounding it as possible. The remains are of Rah from Ouroboros 1. A fine example of an Homo Erectus,

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This is when the mysterious ‘Magruder’ arrives, appearing from nowhere inside the laboratory. ???Magruder goes after a teenage boy named Joshua???