Physical planetoid forms assumed by the Aspects during the earliest stages of the universe. They are conscious, living worlds, in command of vast energies that allow them to create new stars and planets, and are responsible for giving the universe its first structure.

Their initial attempts at creating life directly in the void became an era known as The Horror, filled with beasts of nightmare. The first time-travelling instance of the Perpetuality arrives, and guides the Primordials with his foreknowledge, firstly in showing them what a functional life-form looks like, and secondly to help them create Rebirth, a force of heat and energy they brought into existence to clean the slate. The Primordials realised even they, who could birth galaxies with will, simply couldn’t create functional life from nothing - they had to create conditions allowing it to grow for itself.

The Primordial forms, unlike their progenitor Aspects, are conscious beings with emotions and personal ambitions.