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Extraverse Title Example 01

Extraverse Title Example 01

This wiki consolidates years of brainstorm writing for 'Extraverse' - a branded media universe of interconnecting stories and characters that may be delivered in episodic format through film and literature, video games and digital media, smart TV and mobile phones, or any other format. This wiki is the foundation of what I hope will become its own cross-platform mythology, telling vivid, exciting stories through many different mediums.

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I'm Tom Fisher from Sydney, Australia. I've dabbled in music, art and creative writing all my life, but at age 29 I completed a degree in 3D Animation, and spent time working in Visual Effects. Learning the CG production pipeline is core to the Extraverse mission, as most of its stories will take place in CG worlds.</p>

The Mission Edit

Extraverse is a contained continuity, a carefully planned timeline from beginning to end. Contracted writers and artists will create stories within this framework, using the in-universe concepts to drive their plots. They will retain a share of what they create, while the company works to market and distribute the content under the Extraverse brand.

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