Character Biography

Cassandra is the Avatar of Muse - her personality embodies beauty and pleasure, inspiring such things in others. She is a shapeshifter - her appearance is dictated entirely by those who perceive her, and their own concepts of beauty. Because of this varying appearance, Her form is always shown with green hair.

Cassandra generates a telepathic field that links to the minds of those around her. Where one person might be seeing a tall, buxom beauty, another may be seeing a slight, athletic girl, and as such, she tends to reply generally in speech with several people at once. Although she is technically not a slave to her power, its origins are in her personality, and it is ultimately the source of her immortality.

Mendax CityEdit


At the beginning of Mendax City, Cassandra has already met Jebediah and unlocked the first stages of her powers. With her inherent desire to be wanted by others, she has begun work as an exotic dancer. Martin visits the club almost every night, quietly sitting in the corner and observing her. He feels an unspoken connection and his highly sexual inner monologuing is often used in flashback sequences.

Despite being the Avatar of Muse and therefore 'belonging' to everyboy, it is the other side of this coin where her love for Steven is rooted. His powers are in communion of unique souls. Although Cassandra’s soul is perhaps more unique than anybody’s, the nature of her power is too far left of Steven’s core beliefs, and so he won’t commit to her. He is the only person who sees Cassandra’s true face. Cassandra asks him what he sees when he looks at her. Because of his connection with ‘soul’ energy, he sees through Cassandra’s ‘matter-field’ and into her natural form. Everyone else on Earth sees her as the most desirable woman possible, and fall into a trance. Steven sees a woman just as any other.

Cassandra and Moriarty Lg
Cassandra is looking for Steven in the ExoGen tower when the Mendax Cataclysm occurs. Unconscious, she is captured by Moriarty and connected to the 'Mind Machine'. He manipulates her unique telepathic abilities into a hybrid technology with the matter field created by splash disks, and as the world evolves from Mendax City into Tribus, ultimately creates the Heterodox of the Common-Mind Commune from this abuse.